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Sarah & Andy – July 3, 2010 – London Wedding Photography

August 8, 2010

Sarah and Andy are so lucky to have found one another, they’re a perfect match. Either one would be a great catch! Equally charming and equally funny – although during speeches there seemed to be a subtle competition to see who’s speech was the funniest. I couldn’t see a clear winner either way, plus as their photographer I’m obligated to stay unbiased… In any case, a very lucky couple to have found one another in such a great big sea. So here’s to you, my charming bride and groom, may life bring you much love, peace and happiness!


  1. Sarah Muto says:

    Thank you for capturing all the great moments Jennifer! The photos are amazing, and working with you was fantastic.

    P.S. My uncle Johnny has one move from Saturday Night Fever…and breaks it out at all our weddings. Thanks for capturing it!

  2. Trevor says:

    Great wedding images. You definitely captured a lot of fun. Consistent awesome photojournalism as always from JP.

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